Career opportunities

Empowering our people to deliver their best at all times is a continuous process at CSI


CSI lays a premium on training. All new recruits with no work experience undergo a mandatory 3-month rigorous training on various platforms, languages and technologies.

Empowering our people to deliver their best at all times is a continuous process at CSI. The twin objectives of career development at CSI are: 

• To provide opportunities to employees to enhance their competencies and in turn achieve career objectives. 
• To ensure that career development activities are aligned with organizational objectives to achieve growth for both employees and the organization.

If "career" for you means "Growth, Learning, Challenge and Empowerment", then CSI is the right place for you.
At CSI we believe in empowering you to chalk out your own career, through well-defined career paths in our leadership framework called LEAP. 
We take responsibility for enhancing your value by accelerating your growth through new and challenging opportunities. With the organization's presence in a gamut of industry verticals like Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Energy & Utilities, and Logistics & Transportation, besides technology verticals like Independent Software Vendors and Product Engineering, you have a wide array of avenues for building your competency. 
We work on some of the best and cutting edge technologies, which translate into a variety of exciting assignments for you. Always at the frontier of innovative technologies, CSI offers you exciting opportunities across the spectrum from RFID, Business Intelligence, and Embedded Technologies to New Dimension Products. CSI continually develops offerings in a number of emerging areas such as Service Oriented Architecture, Mobility Solutions and Open Source Technologies. At CSI, we can assure you that there would be no dearth of challenges that can catapult your career to the next level.

Further towards your development, CSI offers world-class training and knowledge sharing forums to broaden your horizon of perception. You will get to work with the best of people possessing a continuum of skills and experiences, helping you expand your learning.
Grooming future leaders is critical to the success of any organization. In line with this vision, we have created several programs that help align individual aspirations in line with the company’s vision.
CSI is comprised of exceptional teams collaborating to deliver the industry’s leading consulting and implementation services. Are you interested in joining one of the most dynamic and respected firms in the marketplace?

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