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Curtis-1000 Company in Georgia

Accounts Payable

For this, printing giant in Georgia business was booming. In order to maintain the pace of their success, they looked to gain new efficiencies in AP processes and customer service by implementing PeopleSoft Accounts Payable Interface with a Document Managing program, utilizing synchronous enterprise integration point and workflow.

The Challenge

  • Paper copies slowed access to documentation and customer response time
  • Required tight integration with PeopleSoft Financial Management application
  • Remote workers and customers needed easy access to documents
  • Had to formalize and simplify their company’s signature authority policies.
  • Took over one year to document entirely due to early retirements, reengineering.
  • Constantly evolving due to turnovers, promotions, retirements, restructuring, etc.
  • Had to find a way to keep the original document flowing with the approval routing.
  • Interoffice mail not synchronized with electronic approval routings.
  • Utilized the Hummingbird imaging system they already owned. 
  • Had to integrate and cross reference two databases.
  • Had to find a way for all users to access PeopleSoft.

Waited until version 8 so they didn’t have to install PeopleSoft on everyone’s workstation. PIA made it possible to avoid workstation installation.

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, the company faced the following challenges:

  • Ensuring that the right people were signing for the right dollar amounts was difficult
  • Difficulty in knowing status and/or location of items awaiting approval.
  • Awkward long-term archival/retrieval process.
  • Minimum of 2 signatures required and budget center manager must be one of the signatures.

The Results

  • Scanned documents are immediately available companywide
  • Easily and cost-effectively integrates with PeopleSoft to deliver images directly from any screen
  • New paradigm an individual could be both requestor and manager.
  • Disabled delivered feature that eliminated the need for an individual to approve the PR more than once